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Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply
— Stephen R. Covey

The need to be heard, understood, validated, including expressing yourself without prejudice, judgment, criticism or interruption is universal and physiological. Suppressing our voice, ideas, concerns, emotions, and stress; the consequences can be emotionally, physically, socially, economically, even professionally damaging. Who we confide in often impacts the outcome of the conversation, whether personally or professionally. Not expressing ourselves stunts our growth, happiness, and health.

I am not a social worker, psychiatrist, doctor, or priest but a genuine and empathetic Professional Listener & Confidant. Professional Listening is a new concept for many. Here are four specific reasons to scheduling a Professional Listening Session:



Growing evidence indicates that suppressing our emotions, feelings, experiences are damaging physically. Many of those enduring a chronic illness or caregivers suffer from intense loneliness and isolation even when surrounded by family and friends. Others have experienced significant trauma (childhood emotional neglect, verbal-physical-sexual abuse, divorce, life-threatening illness & more) that they carry as a considerable weight; silently. Family, friends & coworkers are not always the best listeners. They are desperate to be heard as well. Often they list to reply because they want to solve our problems. And sometimes, they are the cause of our suppression. I have a specific listening style; empathy, understanding, no judgment, prejudice, or diagnosis. My clients are free to express themselves without fear of hurting someone's feelings. The result is a genuine connection; a weight lifted, a profound sense of healing and support.


Whether at school, work or in our business; we face what may appear as, impossible situations. Everyone has stress. When we confide in those who are closest to us, we often sense their distraction, judgment, or impatience without hearing us. I provide a safe environment for you to express yourself completely, without interruption or criticism. I often ask questions to understand, never interrogate. You are empowered by; being heard and validated first. Your Professional Listening session is a transformative process. New perspectives emerge and the foundation for clients to move forward successfully shines through.


Advisement is especially beneficial for career and business development conversations. Confidentiality and neutrality are critical for these conversations. First and foremost, I aim to listen to understand what your challenges are. Second, we discuss principles that you can apply based on your expertise, background, and situation. Conversations are never about me telling you what to do as if I have all the answers. Your success is the result of your hard work and determination, combined with my sincere desire to support, encourage and inspire you.


Sometimes we need to enjoy a conversation with someone. People post on social media, want a response, someone to hear them, often with depressing results. I provide the environment to talk about music, art, life, love, loss, past, present, future, hopes, dreams, regrets and goals. Loneliness is pandemic and fueling illness, depression, suicide and more. I am genuine, authentic and love people and life. Age is irrelevant. We all need a connection with someone to share what is on our minds and heart.


I listen to understand, which means it may take more than an hour or one session to tell your story. I do not push you to get to the point. My only agenda is to provide the space for you to express yourself fully. Schedule your Orientation Session to experience first hand what this is all about. Ask any questions or share any thoughts; it is your time. You will receive a 50% coupon code to use on your first-hour session. All sessions are over the phone. Select a time and place where you’re safe and comfortable to express yourself.

I am…

a listener, empathetic, authentic, honest, patient, loyal, tenacious and very sensitive to the needs of others. I am a husband, father, and entrepreneur.

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Nathan Troxell

First and foremost, your session is your time. Listening with empathy and understanding is my highest priority. Some clients preferred conversations that focused on my experience and research into:

  • Abuse

  • Adverse Child Experiences

  • Anxiety

  • Body image

  • Bullying

  • Dating

  • Depression

  • Emotional trauma

  • Emotional wellbeing

  • Family

  • Health & wellness

  • Life

  • Loneliness

  • Mind-body health

  • Neglect

  • Personal development

  • Relationships

  • School

  • Sexual trauma

  • Suppressed trauma

  • Business development

  • Career development

  • Marketing

  • Public speaking