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The need to be heard, understood, validated, including expressing yourself without prejudice, judgment, criticism, or interruption, is universal and physiological. Suppressing our voice, ideas, concerns, emotions, and stress; the consequences can be emotionally, physically, socially, economically, even professionally damaging. Who we confide in often impacts the outcome of the conversation, whether personally or professionally. Not expressing ourselves stunts our growth, happiness, health, and success. Here are three specific reasons for scheduling a Professional Session:

LIFE | Suppressing our emotions, feelings, experiences, ideas, ideas - our voice; has a significant negative impact on our relationships, health, and career. Many suffer even when surrounded by family and friends. They dismiss, ignore, and suppress their life's experiences resulting in tension, depression, loneliness, isolation, and failure to reach their full potential. I provide a space to speak openly, to be heard, understood, and validated; without fear of hurting someone's feelings, criticism, or judgment. The result is a genuine connection; a weight lifted, a profound sense of healing and support.

WELLNESS | Wellness is often presented as a series of rules or absolutes. The individual and their whole life experiences are dismissed entirely. Fear is often a driving force in healthcare. Strong opinions, healthcare prejudice, rules, and suggestions abound, making it difficult to speak openly. I provide a space for you to express yourself completely, to be heard, understood, and validated. Without endorsing or promoting health and wellness products or programs, I work with individuals on health and wellness principles, Emotional Wellness, and the connection with whole life wellness.

BUSINESS | The most significant influence and predictor of business success or failure is the business owner as an individual — their goals, ideas, values, passion, tenacity, humility, and authenticity. Business owners are under tremendous stress and scrutiny. Many suppress their beliefs, fears, and problems. As a result, the business suffers regardless of their intense efforts using technology, social media, and marketing. I provide a confidential and safe space for future and current small business owners to have a voice, to be heard, understood, and validated. Second, after listening to understand, I help you apply business principles, gain perspective, and cultivate the qualities needed to build and sustain successful businesses.

First and foremost, your Professional Session is your time. Listening with empathy and understanding while creating a genuine connection is my highest priority. Here are a few options to meet your needs.

  • 30 Minute Evaluation Session | Invest the time into a conversation to help you determine if this will meet your specific needs.

  • Professional Session | All appointments are held over the phone. Select an area & time that you are going to be comfortable and safe to express yourself.  No appointments are recorded and remain entirely confidential. Available from 30 minutes through 3 hours.

  • Coffee & Conversation | To the residents of Central Oregon, I will be available for personal conversations and connections at a variety of coffee establishments in Bend.