One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.
— Bryant McGill

About Nathan


Over the years I have worked extensively in healthcare, employee development, and business development.  My love for creating genuine connections through open and meaningful communication is my greatest strength.  It all started when my wife, Kate, was diagnosed with Auto-Immune Lyme disease. With a background in healthcare business development, I relied on the experts, traditional and alternative, to help her. Their confidence in their methods was always encouraging, but the results were never beneficial long-term. What created positive change, was looking at my wife as an individual and not a label or diagnosis. I went back to school and submerged myself in extensive research into mind-body wellness, and so much more.

Cancer, Lyme disease, chronic disease, chronic pain, depression, infertility or even obesity: Why does one treatment, medication, technique, vitamin, herb, or even nutritional diet; produce the desired results for one person and not for another? We tend to focus on cures, techniques, and tools overlooking the individual, including their whole life experience, perceptions, unresolved traumatic experiences, and subconscious beliefs or programming. Many live every day in a low-grade stress response, suppressing their immune system and affecting all other aspects of their personal and professional lives. I started working with clients who suffered chronic pain, illness, adverse childhood experiences and the connection between them.

Based on years of research, I worked with Kate, myself, and clients using Whole Life Wellness principles. These principles do not endorse or condone any specific traditional, alternative, or natural health program.Through my work with all sorts of individuals, I saw that the personal connection with my clients and listening to them with empathy was critical for their healing.

My journey has included surviving stage III cancer at the age of 12, as well as other personal challenges. Trauma has the potential to shape you positively and did for me. With this, I developed deep empathy and love for people. I married my best friend Kate in 1998. Though doctors said it wasn't possible, we were blessed with a daughter.