The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.
— Peter Drucker


Over the years I have worked extensively in healthcare, employee development, and business development. My love for creating genuine connections through open and meaningful communication is my greatest strength. June 2012 redefined my path. Kate, my wife, was diagnosed with a disabling chronic illness. What created positive change, was looking at my wife as an individual and not a label or diagnosis. I went back to school and submerged myself in extensive research into mind-body wellness, emotional-release, quantum reflex analysis, psychoneuroimmunology, subconscious programming, and belief. I started working with clients who suffered chronic pain, illness, adverse childhood experiences and the connection between them. Through my work with all sorts of individuals, I saw that the personal connection with my clients and listening to them with empathy was critical for their healing.

I've had the experience of working with those from different backgrounds, professions, personalities, nationalities, beliefs, and cultures. I believe that many of the challenges and issues in our personal and professional lives stem from poor listening and communication skills and a tremendous lack of empathy. I have witnessed and experienced first hand that what is emotionally suppressed eventually becomes physically expressed. My focus has shifted in that I now put my energy solely into being that missing element in so many peoples lives — a genuine listener. There is abundant evidence of the desperate need people have to express themselves but have no way to do so.

I've been on the other end of all types of topics from work issues to relationships and family dynamics, dreams, regrets, and even trauma. Many have used me as a sounding board to get thoughts, ideas, and feelings out. When clients need relief and clarity, the type of listening I offer can be a way for them to hear their voice, reason things out loud, discern what direction they need to go in or decision they might make. Only at the request and permission of my clients do I offer perspective or insight. With each client, I create a space of trust, safety, and confidence. Feeling safe is paramount to stop suppressing our thoughts, feelings, and experiences with another. Allowing ones to let go of the constant pressure to conform to expectations put on by friends, family, employers, colleagues, and others.

My journey has included surviving stage III cancer at the age of 12, as well as other personal challenges. Trauma has the potential to shape you positively and did for me. With this, I developed deep empathy and love for people. I married my best friend Kate in 1998. Though doctors said, it wasn't possible; we are blessed with a daughter. We currently reside in the beautiful state of Oregon, USA. My family and I enjoy our daily coffee together, the stunning Pacific Northwest Coast and hiking nearby waterfalls.