The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.
— George Bernard Shaw

What is a session?

It your time to express yourself safely while I listen with empathy, presence and with the goal of understanding. My role can be of a listener only or to provide perspective, advisement and even enjoyable conversation. Choose the day, time and amount of time you need. Find a place to talk that you feel comfortable and safe to express yourself openly and honestly.

What if I just want to talk?

Absolutely, this your opportunity to safely and openly express yourself. Whether I speak or provide insight is entirely up to you.

What if I am not sure what to say but still need to talk?

My first priority is making you feel at ease. Even those that are shy and reluctant find this experience disarming and grounding. If you would prefer I can initially do the majority of talking in answering any of your questions and concerns. This helps establish a level of comfort and trust.

What do I need to consider before my appointment?

A safe and comfortable place to talk. Whether you want to talk through a home phone or cell phone is completely up to you. Some clients prefer using a hands free device giving them greater mobility while talking.

Are there any topics off limit?

Yes and no. We all have intense feelings and thoughts at times. Many have emotional scars often resulting intense rage. However, if you are calling to confess any illegal activity, please call a lawyer instead. If you want to express active plans of violent criminal acts towards another, please do not schedule.

Do you still offer mind-body wellness coaching or business development consulting?

If that is what you want to talk about. Over the years I have developed principles about business, health, and wellness that I love to teach. It is your session, your time I dedicate to you.

Do you ever end a conversation and even block a client?

I have not but will if I personally feel threatened. If I suspect someone is suicidal, I will reach out to the authorities.

Are our conversations confidential? Do you record any of our conversation?

Trust is paramount. Our conversations are strictly confidential and are never recorded. The exception to this rule is obvious; if you are planning to hurt yourself or someone else, you immediately void our confidentially agreement.

Is there any age restriction?

Not specifically. You have to be a willing participant. My youngest client has been 14.

It is impossible to anticipate specifics questions. Please complete this form with your question. I will then post the question and answer for all to benefit.

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