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Survival is not enough.  When you combine your total investment into your business; time, emotions, and capital, survival is not enough.  Is the key to sustainable growth and success technology, social media, pricing or competitive market differentiation?  Not necessarly.  Business often invest significant capital into those tools and ultimately fail.  I am pleased to present CATAYST: remarkable business development principals. 

Catalyst principals are adaptable to any business.  They harness your strengths, expertise and current success.  Catalyst principals transcend industry, competition and geoghraphic location.  I will present Catalyst at your location, regardless of how many or few participants.  After the presentation, I allow a up to six hours for Q&A and presentation application.  Available in the following areas:

  • Greater Chicago
  • Northwest Indiana including South Bend, Mishawaka & Elkhart
  • Niles, Saint Joseph & Kalamazoo Michigan
  • San Luis Obispo, CA starting 11/15/2017