Buildings and urban spaces should be designed first and foremost around their occupants
— Dr. Sergio Altomonte, architect and associate professor

One website offering home plans says, "The choices are almost endless." Other home plan websites claim 15,000 to over 60,000 plans. Bungalow, Classical, Craftsman, Farmhouse, Ranch, Tudor, and Victorian are descriptions of the exterior facade of the home. Are we really spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for the way the front of our house looks? What's even more disappointing, the floor plans seem to show no personality as they are duplicates of the same master suite, dining room, three bedrooms, and curb appeal. Is that all you are looking for in your home, your investment? Once the first year has passed, many homeowners are frustrated with the livability of their home; lighting, storage, layout, wasted space or not enough space to name a few. They would do things very differently if they were to build again. There is an extreme lack of variation, mindfulness, and functionality in the vast majority of floor plans.

Inspired by the evolving way in which people live, work, play, desire to feel and decompress in their space, my designs focus solely on the individuals wants, needs and goals; rather than conformity. My clients are frustrated with assembly line, cookie-cutter design and want a home that reflects & showcases their personality. Moving them toward living in a space that’s an extension of themselves and their lifestyle. I develop conceptual plans that can be taken to banks for financing, builders or architects for final construction drawings. Follow the links below to learn more.


I work with individuals at the earliest design phase where imagination, creativity, and communication is key. Working from images, sample plans, and in-depth conversations, I provide the initial plans to take to builders finance companies.


Original plans are available for purchase as printable PDF’s. They are not construction documents, but an inexpensive way to gather inspiration for your final project, building quotes and financing.


Reverse engineered floor plans for real estate marketing. Available for homes for sale, rent and multi-unit dwellings.