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Marketing Sponsorship


Your purchase of Marketing Sponsorship earns you $0.25 per donation or sale of the book; for the life of the book. Your investment does not provide or imply any ownership of the "Whole Life Wellness," or Up to eight marketing investments may be purchased, the total available. Each investment purchase equals $0.25, with a maximum of $2.50 per donation or sale. A legal agreement becomes active from the date of purchase.

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The following agreement is legal and binding in all fifty states of the United States, upon completion of the purchase of a Marketing Sponsorship.

  1. A understand and agree that no ownership of "Whole Life Wellness" in any format or; is implied or transferred with the purchase of one or more Marketing Investments.

  2. "Whole Life Wellness" is written, produced, and solely owned by Nathan Troxell.

  3. Nathan Troxell agrees to pay you $0.25 per donation or sale of "Whole Life Wellness" for as long as Nathan Troxell is producing and selling "Whole Life Wellness" in any format.

  4. Payments are made to you or your company as a marketing sponsorship fee, not as ownership.

  5. Payments are made to you or your company on the 15th of each month starting from 30 days from the date of the purchase of your Marketing Investment.

  6. Return on Investment does not imply a guarantee of sales or return of your Investment but potential only.

  7. I agree that all material in "Whole LIfe Wellness," is solely owned by Nathan Troxell.

  8. Nathan Troxell can discontinue the production and sale of "Whole Life Wellness" without my permission or consent.