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For many of us, public speaking is a critical component to our profession.  Teachers, lawyers, sales representatives, real estate agents, chiropractors, dentists and doctors utilize a form of public speaking daily.  The quality and effectiveness of our public speaking has a direct impact on how successful we are in our profession.  Technique is important of course, however, becoming hyper-focused on technique alone can make us sound mechanical, impersonal and reduce the level of impact we were hoping to achieve.  I would like to present the workshop Magnetism: principal based public speaking.  When applied, Magnetism principals create a magnetic affect, attracting clients, strengthening our presence, elevates our expertise and creates authentic connections.  Magnetism will cover:

  1. The greatest mistakes a public speaker can make and how to avoid them
  2. Identifying and minimizing anxiety and fear associated with public speaking
  3. The quality the greatest public speakers have and two of the most analyzed presentations that prove it
  4. Daily public speaking training principals
  5. Presentation preparation principals
  6. When & how to use Power Point
  7. Presentation delivery principals

Magnetism is currently available as an on-site workshop; whether working one-on-one or presenting to a team.  After the presentation, the balance of the workshop is for client specific application.  Total workshop can last from 2 hours – 8 hours, depending on your needs.   I have been actively involved in public speaking delivery and training for over twenty years.  I love people, business and creating authentic connections.  Invest the time and resources into Magnetism.  It will tremendous impact on you, your team and business.  Available in the following areas:

  • Greater Chicago
  • Northwest Indiana including South Bend, Mishawaka & Elkhart
  • Niles, Saint Joseph & Kalamazoo Michigan