Fear is often foundational in the failure of small and large businesses. Technology, apps, social media, websites and new ideas are touted as the key to success.  Yet many business owners who do all these have to struggle.  At times their business still fail.  Are they not apply one of the many "rules" of business?  Is there a one-size-fits-all answer?  It is not about the idea or the technology, but the business owner implementing them.

I am a business mentor for businesses owners.  It is not about telling you all my ideas, how smart I am or even how wrong you're doing everything.  I am a resource for you.  We will identify what is preventing your business from thriving, how to cultivate the courage and tenacity needed to bring your ideas to life.  I work with individuals not ideas, concepts or business rules.

Schedule your hour consultation, at no charge.  My goal is to leave you with something you needed that you can implement immediately into your business.  Additional mentoring time is available in hour increments.

Nathan Troxell