Being heard & our wellbeing...

Your body always advocates for you. We possess involuntary mechanisms that help us overcome imminent threats; our Sympathetic Nervous System. Activated by stress hormones, energy is diverted from digestion, immune function to name a few, and directed to fight-flight response. Conversely, our parasympathetic system or relaxation response is motivated by healing hormones. This state of calm is where growth, learning, creativity, digestion, self-healing/repair takes over. Maybe you have experienced a time when you felt life with little to no resistance, relaxed, inspired and accomplishing what you want with ease.

Heavy responsibilities, pressures, and stress from all areas in our life can inhibit that comfortable state. The truth is many going through life in the opposite state of being, a low-grade or full-blown stress response the majority of the time. This stems from, often subconscious triggers, what the brain or body perceives as a threat or severe burden. One specific and overlooked threat is never feeling comfortable in your own skin or being your self. Safe; being that you're comfortable sharing your feelings and thoughts with another. Having someone who unconditionally supports you, without judgment, agenda, or bias. Secure knowing that person is genuinely listening to understand how you feel not just fire back solutions or suggestions. The fear of not being heard, validated, accepted; can drive our bodies into a chronic stress response. The result; reduced immune, digestion, cognition function, vitality, and wellbeing.

Having a voice, trusting your voice, and expressing yourself contribute to a higher quality of life, making you feel lighter, growing as a person and reaching your potential. For those feeling stuck, burdened, low-energy, even facing major or chronic illness; it is imperative to your healing to find the support you need. To no longer suppress and keep your voice locked inside but finding one who can genuinely an empathetically listen, no strings attached.