Expressing ourselves about work, what is safe and beneficial?

What do you do when you are troubled, angered at people or situations at work? If you confide to colleagues, will your conversation remain confidential? Will they use your words for their gain or agenda?

On your way from work, the emotions are still running high. Do you vent to family and friends? Will they be able to listen or understand? Will they criticize you, provide instant solutions, or tell you to leave work at work? Do you post on social media?

So you go to bed, the feelings and thoughts ever present. Your frustration is growing. You did not get what you needed. Your relationship with your family and friends suffer because you were distracted not present. Just suppress it, move on.

Your performance now compromised, stress and tension increase. On top of all that, the act of suppressing feelings-emotions-needs trigger a subconscious physiological stress response. A prolonged stress response affects memory, thinking ability, digestion and even immune strength. The cycle will continue disrupting health, family, relationships, career and overall happiness. Everyone has a physiological need to express themselves openly and honestly, free from fear to someone who will listen with understanding and empathy.

My name is Nathan Troxell. I am a professional Listener and Confidant, passionate about the innate need for human connection-expression-understanding and how it relates to health, wellness as well as personal and professional growth. Discover the benefits self-expression can have on your energy levels, self-image, health, relationships, and even performance. I offer a thirty-minute orientation session at no charge.