Modern Communication: No One is Listening

Researchers who analyzed the results of 148 studies concluded that low social interaction is a predictor of early death and that as a risk factor, it is “twice as harmful as obesity” and “equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.
— Awake 4/15/2015 p. 11

We are surrounded by talking, conversation, texting, posting, and social technology. However, we live in the age of "no-one-is-listening." We have the inherent need to express ourselves, to be understood and validated. We need someone to listen to use free of bias, interruption, criticism, and judgment. The listener is not waiting to respond, share their opinion or impatient. Real communication requires time, humility and patience.

So many were raised where real communication was not taught or encouraged. You yell to be heard, interrupt to make your point or better yet; suppress your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. This pattern is carried into adulthood and employment. Talking is not enough. Living a life surrounded by people who are not listening is profoundly detrimental to our health, wellness, happiness, and prospects.

Think of your most recent conversation. Did you leave knowing you spoke from the heart and were understood? It should be a profoundly satisfying feeling. Or did you leave feeling empty even dissatisfied, knowing you diluted your thoughts, ideas, and beliefs? Did you suppressed what you wanted to say and spoke what you thought they wanted to hear? Did you leave rejected, judged, ignored, repressed or depressed? Do you feel that your partner, spouse or friends know and understand you, the real you?

When your need to be heard and understood is met, then you are able to meet that need for others. My name is Nathan Troxell. I am a professional Listener and Confidant, passionate about the innate need for human connection-expression-understanding and how it relates to health, wellness as well as personal and professional growth. Discover the benefits self-expression can have on your energy levels, self-image, health, relationships, and even performance. I offer a thirty-minute orientation session at no charge.