Stylists & Communication

My sister-in-law is a stylist in Northwest Indiana. It is clear, being a stylist is more than cuts and color. It is about the connection and relationship they cultivate with clients. They feel like therapists as they listen to the lives of the individuals sitting in their chair. The more effective communicators they are, the better the relationship with the clients, the more referrals they generate, the less spent on marketing, which creates increased profitability. Excellent communication is the key to this successful cascade of events.

Stylists have lives outside the salon; responsibilities, burdens, families and personal challenges. To continue to improve as communicators, they need someone to listen to them with the goal of understanding without judgment or interruption. They need the regular opportunity to speak openly, honestly and confidentially. As children, many of us were taught not to express ourselves. We carried this burden into our adulthood. How can stylists come to work and be fully engaged with their clients, when they are suppressing or ignoring their voice, needs and emotions?

My name is Nathan Troxell. I am a professional Listener and Confidant, passionate about the innate need for human connection-expression-understanding and how it relates to personal and professional growth. Discover the benefits self-expression and understanding can have on your energy levels, self-image, health, relationships, and even performance. I offer a thirty-minute orientation session at no charge.