Krystal Cole

"I couldn't have met Nathan at a more pivotal time in my life. My business was financially struggling and I felt defeated. I was almost ready to toss in the towel feeling like there was no hope for the business to be successful.   Nathan met with me on numerous occasions just taking his time to learn about my goals, my vision, and what was important to me. He was very patient, open to my ideas, and very supportive in leading my business in the right direction to make a turn around and be successful. He helped me realize the mistakes that I was making and helped me look outside of the box.  Thanks to the help of Nathan, my business is now successful and I couldn't be happier."

Emily Blitstein.jpg

Emily Blitstein

"I co-own a new massage business in Northwest Indiana. Owning a new business has many challenges ā€“ several of which are hard to overcome without knowledge and expertise in the business world. Iā€™d never thought about working with a consultant before but decided to try when Nathan reached out his services to local businesses. When my partner and I met with Nathan he sat back and listened as we described our story, situation, and goals. Two weeks later he came back to us with a detailed plan of action which catered to our budget and other concerns. As any business owner knows, your concerns and goals evolve depending on the month and on the current market. Having the opportunity to work with a consultant as adaptive as Nathan has added more stability to our growth as he is able to present a plan of action that complements our business model, and addresses our obstacles and hesitations."

Allison Wright.jpg

Allison Wright

"Nathan is a creative thinker who pushes you to be a better business owner. He pulls out of you ideas and helps guide you through a creative process that takes your business to a point you never thought possible. He's always available, ready to help and reinvent your goals, objectives and overall creativity. He has a true art of being able to take guide you to a place you cannot reach alone. You will have so many "aha!" moments that you will wish you hired him years ago. My business, and my confidence, has grown so much in the short time I've worked with him. He creates a program perfect for you as nothing is from a cookie cutter worksheet."  

Jillian Pancini.jpg

Jillian Pancini

"Nathan has helped me find a real sense of direction for my business. His advice is sound and constructive. While many of his suggestions are pure common sense, they somehow eluded me. He's great at helping me prioritize and formulate my own ideas. I would recommend Nathan Troxell to anyone struggling to run a profitable business."  

Deanna French.jpg

Deanna French

Where do I begin? Nathan has helped me redefine this next chapter in my life. Having an experienced and encouraging professional to help me articulate my skills, experience and my personality in a fresh and impressive hiring packet was an eye opening experience.  I had abbreviated the importance of my life experiences to the point of feeling lost and not relevant, but my journey with Nathan turned all that around.  As I look forward to relocating and taking on a new career, I will look back on this entire process with sincere appreciation. Nathan is well versed in the market, had excellent suggestions and was flexible and persistent which helped me get to the finish line.  I highly recommend anyone looking to market themselves and stand out from the crowd contact Nathan. Get started right will not regret it! 

James Lamb.png

James Lamb

I was introduced to Nathan and his personal coaching and career re-branding services through personal friends. His knowledge is far reaching and goes well with his out of the box thinking and focused personal attention. I would strongly recommend Nathan to my friends and colleagues for resume evaluation and redesign as well as networking and coaching skills. His presentation skills were also excellent. 


Julia Dare-Cole

Nathan was refreshingly motivational in assisting me to further my job search. He understood that I was searching for a career path and more than just a job. Nathan not only effectively communicated my expertise on paper, but also helped to build self-esteem. After I finished my college degree I was not prepared for modern day job searching, I was unsuccessfully responding to employment ads. Nathan taught me how to successfully start networking on LinkedIn. With my new and improved resume I have begun to be contacted for interviews. I highly recommend Nathan Troxell to anyone stuck in a rut and looking to further, or change their career path.