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I am offering 10 marketing sponsorships for $5000 each. Each investment earns $0.25 per donation or sale of the book, for the life of the book. Rather than an ownership investment, this is an investment into the marketing of “Whole Life Wellness.” I have chosen to release my book in a digital format to lower cost and improve social media sharing first in the United States and then all English speaking countries. Each month you will receive a marketing report along with a check for your marketing sponsorship. While writing is under-production, I am using GoFundMe to generate the initial interest. When you click the image to the left, your purchase includes a legal agreement for your “marketing sponsorship.”

I have chosen $5, less than a Starbucks drink, for the sale price, making it affordable to most individuals regardless of their economic situation. “Whole Life Wellness” is designed to educate, inspire, and motivate individuals to play an active role in their health and wellness plan. If you have any questions before becoming a marketing “investor,” please call me. Please remember, this is a long term investment, with unlimited potential.

Nathan Troxell
(541) 797-4598

Return on Investment

  • 1,000 sales x .25 = $250

  • 2,500 sales x .25 = $625

  • 5,000 sales x .25 + $1,250

  • 10,000 sales x .25 = $2,500

  • 25,000 sales x .25 = $6,250

  • 50,000 sales x .25 = $12,500

  • 100,000 sales x .25 = $25,000

  • 250,000 sales x .25 = $62,500

  • 500,000 sales x .25 = $125,000

ABOUT “Whole Life Wellness”

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“Whole Life Wellness”

For a donation of $5 or more, you will receive your copy of the digital book, "Whole Life Wellness," with an anticipated release date of December 1, 2019. Additionally, you're entitled to all future updates and revisions.

For the price of a single drink at Starbucks, $5, you support the production and receive your copy of "Whole Life Wellness," a paradigm-shifting approach to health and wellness.

It all started when my wife, Kate, was diagnosed with Auto-Immune Lyme disease. With a background in healthcare business development, I relied on the experts, traditional and alternative, to help her. Their confidence in their methods was always encouraging, but the results were never beneficial long-term. What created positive change, was looking at my wife as an individual and not a label or diagnosis. I went back to school and submerged myself in extensive research into mind-body wellness, and so much more.

Cancer, Lyme disease, chronic disease, chronic pain, depression, infertility or even obesity: Why does one treatment, medication, technique, vitamin, herb, or even nutritional diet; produce the desired results for one person and not for another? We tend to focus on cures, techniques, and tools overlooking the individual, including their whole life experience, perceptions, unresolved traumatic experiences, and subconscious beliefs or programming. Many live every day in a low-grade stress response, suppressing their immune system and affecting all other aspects of their personal and professional lives. "Whole Life Wellness" is based on years of research, working with Kate, myself and many clients; easy to read, understand, and apply. A few highlights:

1:  Why we need a radical shift in health & wellness
2:  When the doc says, "we can't find anything wrong," but you know there is.
3:  Sympathetic nervous system & the sub-conscious stress response
4:  The failure of all fear-based wellness programs
5:  We are not a disease, a lost cause, or crazy
6:  True health & wellness represents our whole life and all aspects of our life experiences
7:  Trauma, PTSD, Complex PTSD, and vicarious or secondary PTSD
8:  Working in harmony with our individual needs to promotes a healthy, vibrant immune system
9:  Principles of "Whole Life Wellness"

"Whole Life Wellness" does not endorse or condone any specific traditional, alternative, or natural health program. The principles help us identify what we need so that we work in harmony with our nervous and immune systems; improving outcomes. Any book promising a cure is invalid at best because they ignore us as an individual and our whole life experiences that influence our health and immune system strength.

What's in it for you: For a donation of $5 or more, you will receive your copy of the digital book, "Whole Life Wellness," with an anticipated release date of December 1, 2019. Additionally, you're entitled to all future updates and revisions.

Authentic communication and cultivating meaningful connections is essential to me. I look forward to hearing your comments, feedback, and personal stories.

Nathan Troxell